About Us

Serveradmins360 is a new venture started by a team of technical experts who are passionate about some thing we do for a living for the past 3-4 years. We started our journey as Linux engineers after our certification in one of the best hosting companies available in India before few years and the bond we created while doing our job there has kept us together for all these years.

We don't want to give you fake promises or some kind of build up lines which may attract the clients towards us. Yes, we just kick started this company. However, what we have planned and organized is something new. What makes us unique is the resources we hold for the clients. Apart from the core members on the company, we have infinite number techs who is passionate about Linux and webhosting proffessionals. More of a company the serveramins360 is a community of Linux proffessionals.

The core members of the team will be available 24/7 taking up 8 hour shifts assisting the clients via ticket,chat, etc.

We can offer any kind of support for your servers including taking up you sales chats and we can work for you free for 10 days as a trial period. If you feel we are giving a better support you can sign up with us. Also as we are starting up we can offer a better price that no one can offer.