Our Plans

Dedicated Plan description:

If you are looking to outsource webhosting support and require experienced technical staffs who can take care of your valuable customers round the clock, this plan is for you. We can take care of everything except some critical sales and billing requests from your clients. We have been working on this field for quite a long time and we know that there is lot more than what we have listed above which you are seeking support for and it's going to be different enviornment for each clients. We can assure you that we can take care of all those things. As its a 24/7 support we will be always available for any doubts or queries on the support.

We have no intention of filling this page with lot more WOW! factors like others do. We are here for you all the time. All you need to do is just drop in your contacts to our mail. We will get in touch with you soon in what ever way you are comfortable with. More of a dedicated plan with listed services, its a custom plan with your needs. If you are looking for how we work and handle the issues for your clients, have a look at our work culture mentioned.

Semidedicated Plan:

If you have a moderate level of ticket flow and day to day increasing servers, this plan is for you. Here you will be assisted by the techs 16 hours a day and they will get familier with your clients and work according to it. There are other addons available for this plan like live chat support and monitoring which will also be provided thoughout the 16 hour working time. This would be a best plan for a growing enterprenur as we offer customizing this plan according to your needs at an affordable pricing without extending to the dedicated team plan.

8 Hour plan:

Looking for an affordable plan for your servers? You are in the right place. This is our simplest and affordable plan on offer.

If you have only limited number of servers and limited number of ticket from your clients, this is the best plan you can have from us. We can handle your helpdesk and you pay according to the number of servers only. We can provide support from the very basic level 1 support to more complex tasks where an level 3 tech assist is needed. Always keep in mind you are free to upgrade your plan according to your needs.

One time hire:

If you are looking for a particular task which is making a headache for you and your staff, hand it over to us. we will take care of it. The pricing will be calculated analyzing the task and its complexity. The support starts from the very basic level 1 support to highly complicated level 3 tasks.

Addon services 16hr/8hr plans:

chat (sales+tech) 100$/Month
monitoring 100$/Month